Python I

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Course Description – Ages 10+

This is a long term course:

  • An introduction to programming and problem solving skills using Python, a very high level language. Topics include: 
  • programming environments and tools, including editor and debugger 
  • basic strategies for problem solving 
  • integer, floating point, string and lists 
  • conditional, repetition, function and other constructs that control the flow of execution of a program. 

Topics to be covered 

  • Starting to code – Python and IDLE 
  • Built-in data types 
  • Variables and expressions 
  • Conditional execution (if/else) 
  • Functions and methods 
  • Modules (turtle, math, random, url) 
  • Passing parameters / Returning values 
  • Iteration (for and while)


Session 1 – Go over Installing; Data Type(int,str,float,bool); Variable assignments; Naming

Session 2 – Conventions; arithmetic operations; Logical operators; String Operators; Indexing and Indexing Operators.

Session 3 – Lists; Tupple; List Operators; List methods; Tupple operators; Sum up data types with object and classes; Type conversion

Session 4 – Python Standard Library; Modules(brief); Turtle; Turtle Methods

Session 5 – Strings revisited(only if the previous material is makes sense) 

Session 6 – Strings revisited

Session 7 – Type conversion; If/else; first function

Session 8 – Functions

Session 9 – for loop

Session 10 – while loop; while loop to for loop

Session 11 – Project: build calculators

Session 12 – Project: build calculators