Art with Scratch

In Art, students create animations, interactive artwork, photograph filters, and other exciting, artistic projects.

For each Activity, students will watch a series of videos and create one coding project with opportunities to personalize their work using “Add-Ons,” which are mini-coding challenges that build on top of the core project.

The Art with Scratch course assumes students have mastered all content in the Scratch Programming course.

Outline of Activities

Activity 1: Introduction and DiscoveryStudents learn about the scope and procedures of the class, then explore Scratch and create their first program.
Activity 2: AnimationStudents create an animation composed of multiple frames.
Activity 3: Interactive ArtStudents build an interactive project that makes famous paintings
talk when clicked.
Activity 4: Paint with TeraStudents build an interactive art project that responds to a user’s mouse-pointer, similar to a paint application.
Activity 5: GraffitiStudents use conditionals to create an interactive graffiti application.
Activity 6: Digital ArtStudents use pixels and “if-else” statements to build a digital art project similar to a photography filter.
Activity 7: Building Blocks of ArchitectureStudents create an interactive way to build their own architecture.
Activity 8: Greeting CardStudents create a greeting card to send to a friend or family member. In this project, students are encouraged to use their creativity and imaginations.