Intro to Coding

Day TimeFee
Mondays 5-6:30pm
4 classes
Ages 8 and up Pay
Mondays 5-6:30pm
12 classes
Ages 8 and up Pay
Fridays 3:00-4:30pm
4 classes
Ages 4-6 Pay
Saturdays 9:30-11am
4 classes
Ages 4-6 Pay
Saturdays 9:30-11am
12 classes
Ages 4-6 Pay
Saturdays 11-12:30pm
4 classes
Ages 8 and up Pay

Our Intro to Coding Monday class is full as of now. Please call or send us an email so that we can notify you as soon as we have a spot available.

Intro to Coding is the perfect first step for young coders!  Our 9-month program will take students ages 4+ and 7+ age group through the basics of computers science and coding, and will start them off YOUNG and RIGHT for a bright future. 

Our 4+ age curriculum will cover the basics of computer programming with many hands on activities to keep coding a fun experience for your young coder. There are no prerequisites for this class. We’ll close the registration as soon as we reach the maximum capacity. There is no long term commitment. Sign-up now to experience the world of technology in a fun environment.

We understand kids, so we understand that each one is different and has a different learning style and pace.  Our experienced instructors are experts at working with diverse ability levels and backgrounds.  

CodeSimba is passionate about making our courses accessible to every child, and our monthly billing system reflects that.  We understand that commitments change and that life can be unpredictable. The curriculum below lists the content that will be covered over the full 9-month course. 

Scratch Programming has been developed to meet the interests of younger students. In this course, school students (grades 1 and up) will be introduced to fundamental programming concepts. Students will learn how to create animations, computer games, and interactive projects using Scratch, a graphical programming language developed at MIT. At the end of each course, students create their own projects and share it with their CodeSimba instructor and classmates. No previous programming skills are required. We will teach students how to use a computer and browser and managing files. Students do not need to purchase any software or textbook.

Course Details

What is SCRATCH?

  • Scratch Interface
  • Creating A New Scratch Project

Getting Started

  • Start Moving
  • Add a Sound
  • Start Dancing
  • Repeating Actions
  • Control Block – Green Flag
  • Change Color
  • Control Actions
  • Create a Sprite
  • Say and Think Blocks
  • Animation
  • Make a Block


  • Move and Turn
  • Pointing
  • Go and Glide
  • Changing Positions
  • Bouncing
  • Locating the Sprite


  • Changing Costumes
  • Changing Backdrops
  • How to Make a Sprite Say Something
  • Graphic Effects
  • Changing the Size of a Sprite
  • Working with Multiple Sprites
  • Moving Sprites


  • Associating Sounds with a Sprite
  • Play Sound
  • Play Drums Part I
  • Play Drums Part II
  • Play Note and Play Instruments Part I
  • Play Note and Play Instruments Part II

Pen and Color Control

  • Pen Down and Pen Up
  • Changing Pen Color
  • Changing Pen Shade
  • Changing Pen Size
  • Stamp


  • Mouse Report
  • Pressing Keys
  • Touching and Over
  • Reporting Distance
  • Using the Timer
  • Using the Loudness
  • Ask and Wait
  • Video Motion
  • Calculating Location/Date


  • Wait Blocks
  • Forever Block
  • Repeating Actions
  • Conditional Actions
  • Cloning
  • Stop Block


  • Beginning Actions
  • Controlling Backdrops Part I
  • Controlling Backdrops Part II
  • Checking Volume/Motion


  • Variables and Data


  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Random Numbers
  • Comparing Numbers
  • Logic Operations

Storytelling with Scratch

Music+Sound with Scratch

Art with Scratch

Game Design with Scratch