Data Science Curriculum

Python and Intro to Data Science

Introduction to Python programming language

  • Why Python
  • Installation of Python & Anaconda.

How to write your first programs

  • Basic coding skills
  • How to work with data types and variables
  • How to work with numeric data
  • How to work with string data
  • How to use five of the main Python functions
  • Project: Invoice program

How to code control statements

  • Coding Boolean expressions
  • Coding selection structure
  • Coding iterations (loops)
  • How to plan a program
  • Project: Future Value program 

How to define and use functions

  • How to define and use functions
  • Write a simple function
  • Single-parameter functions
  • Functions that return single values
  • Multiple parameters and return values
  • Functions with multiple  parameters
  • A brief introduction to tuples
  • Functions that return multiple values
  • Putting it all together

Intermediate Python with Data Science


  • Basic skills for working with lists
  • How to work with list of lists
  • Project: Movie List program

How to work with recursion and algorithms

  • An introduction to recursion
  • Common recursive algorithms


  • Basic plots with Matplotlib
  • Line Plots
  • Scatterplots


  • Build a histogram
  • Choosing the right plot
  • Customizing plots

Dictionaries and Pandas

  • Creating dictionaries
  • Access dictionary
  • Dictionary Manipulation
  • Pandas
  • Dictionary to DataFrame
  • CSV to DataFrame
  • Square Brackets
  • loc and iloc

Logic, Control Flow and Filtering

  • Comparison Operators
  • Equality
  • Greater and less than
  • Boolean Operators
  • and, or, not
  • if, elif, else
  • Filtering pandas DataFrames


  • while loop
  • for loop
  • Loop Data Structures
    • Loop over dictionary
    • Loop over NumPy array
    • Loop over DataFrame

Using iterators

  • Iterators vs iterables
  • Iterating over iterables
  • Iterators as function arguments
  • Using enumerate
  • Using iterators to load large files into memory
  • Processing and extracting large amounts of data

List comprehensions

  • Basic list comprehensions
  • Advanced list comprehensions
  • Generator expressions