Game Design with Scratch

Best for the last…. in Game Design, students learn basic video game coding concepts by making different types of games, including racing, platform, launching, and more!

For each activity, students will watch a series of videos and create one coding project with opportunities to personalize their work using “Add-Ons,” which are mini-coding challenges that build on top of the core project.

The Game Development with Scratch course assumes students have mastered all content in the Scratch Programming course.

Outline of Activities

Activity 1: Gaming StoryStudents create a gaming story in Scratch.
Activity 2: Racing GameStudents create a two-player racing game in which players control movement with the keyboard.
Activity 3: Maze GameIn this activity, club members create a game in which the player guides a sprite through a maze.
Activity 4: Platform GameStudents create and learn about platform games. Students program a player sprite to move and jump across platforms.
Activity 5: Escape GameStudents create an escape game in which a player must avoid other sprites that move randomly.
Activity 6: Launcher GameStudents create a launcher game using key press events, clones, and variables.
Activity 7: Quest GameStudents learn how to use storytelling in video game design while building an RPG style Quest Game.
Activity 8: Cave Surfing GameStudents create a game with a side scrolling background (similar to the popular game Flappy Bird).